October 2, 2019 - Overworld Games®, who has been making games like Good Cop Bad Cop®, Barker’s Row™, Leaders of Euphoria™, and New Salem™ since 2014, is re-branding itself as Pull the Pin Games®. The new branding signals the beginning of a focus on quick, large group, small box, social games that are very easy to learn for new players, but are packed with strategic choices for veterans -- all at a very affordable price.

The new box design that all Pull the Pin games will have features a “pin” that you pull to open it up, which doubles as a hang tag that retailers can use to display on merchandising hooks if they wish.

Overworld Games Co-Founder Clayton Skancke says, “We have published many different types of games over the years and now it’s time to just do what we do best: make quick, approachable games for large groups. These are the games you will bring to family gatherings or game days because any level of gamer can get into them quickly.” Brian Henk, who will continue as President through the re-branding, adds, “... and although we're mainly making them with casual gamers in mind, hobby gamers will play them in between longer games. This approachability for everyone, along with the $19.99 price point and support for at least 6 players will mean our games will get to the table a lot and it gives them immense value per dollar.”

The 3rd Edition of their flagship game, Good Cop Bad Cop®, will be the first released under the Pull the Pin brand. It will be in stores on October 30th, 2019 with a $19.99 MSRP. The second game under the brand will be The Zorro™ Dice Game, which hits Kickstarter October 15th.

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